Designers – New Directions

Design was born as a result of attempts at stylistic solutions to complex technical and social problems, its role will only grow, because companies will give designers comprehensive opportunities for creativity: from automatic cars to parts of the human body. β€œIn the next five years, design as a profession will continue to evolve into a hybrid industry that will be technical and creative,” says Dave Miller, a recruiter at Artefact. β€œA new wave of designers will focus on people, applying knowledge from science, human relationships, visual art and programming, thereby solving very complex problems of the 21st century. Thus, these specialists will be in leading positions. They will lead the industry to new levels of complexity. ”

Here are the 18 most important design majors in the future, identified by men and women who will no doubt recruit professionals. Most of them will be in demand in the next three to five years, but some will be needed in a slightly longer term (for example, a designer of human organs).